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Experience The Adirondacks

Nestled deep in the Adirondacks lies one of the region’s last unspoiled wilderness preserves, Wintergreen Lake. With over 500 acres of trails, mountain vistas, and babbling brooks, Wintergreen Lake provides an opportunity to access the natural beauty of the nation's most rugged and breathtaking nature park, all while enjoying the comforts of our rustic and elegant luxury safari tents. Spend your days hunting that elusive trout, hiking Big Notch, or decompressing in a private beach-side yoga session before sitting by the bonfire, sipping cocktails and stargazing. End your night by retiring to your five-star tent, equipped with queen sized beds, fresh linens, and all of the modern comforts you will need to sleep easily amidst the pleasant hum of the wild.
My new husband, Michael, and I spent our first nights as a married couple in the beautiful glamping tent at Wintergreen, just a day after we were married in Kent, CT.  Michael and I had just finished our amazing, 200 person, summer camp wedding and all we needed was peace and quiet.  Wintergreen was the dream location, literally if I close my eyes and picture what would have been the ideal spot to wind down it would have been the tent at Wintergreen.
Mariah has created the coziest, lake-side nook you could imagine.  The tent is set up like a rustic cabin with the most comfortable and giant bed, covered in soft blankets and pillows.  It was even raining when we got there and let me tell you, there is nowhere more delightful than in that tent, listening to the rain fall above you while staying dry inside! 
When we woke up the next morning we stepped out of the tent into a postcard scene called Wintergreen lake.  It is the most picturesque site and will instantly take all your worries away.  Just sit back, listen to the birds and enjoy the breeze in the forest around you.
I can't recommend this getaway enough.  We could have moved into that tent permanently and lived a very peaceful life!  Mariah has done a phenomenal job setting the scene for a relaxing and serene glamping experience.  Even if you are not a traditional camper, this will bring you into the outdoors in the most comfortable way.   We LOVE Wintergreen! 
Jessie and Michael
October 2016